Ten tools that are required to rank in any search engine – exclusive share!

There are thousands of tools that proclaim themselves to be the best in ranking any website but in this list I’m only going to show only those that have worked for me. This list is created by me personally and does not share any allegiance to anyone. By using this list you can rank in any search engine be it Google, Bing or Yahoo et cetera.


Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a really good tool for checking ranking statistics of your competitors and their complete off-site data. I have used this tool for around two years, and it’s quite rocking. You can also find various other tools inside it to help you rank better.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Dragon is the most precious tool to create a large amount of content. I would not even dream to create thousands of websites without Dragon because it helps in churning out articles within minutes. You can check out various tutorials of Dragon on YouTube.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is not only a keyword research tool but a complete SEO analysis software. You can do ranking check, Adwords campaign analysis, competition analysis and various other things using it. If you have problems buying the $ 97 professional version, you can check out the free version before it. Various websites are also providing a discount for Traffic Travis, be sure to check out them too before buying.

FCS Networker

FCS is a really great tool for creating Web 2.0 backlinks. Just purchase a subscription for the Lite plan and learn it before using it heavily.


GSA search engine ranker

GSA is a really nice tool for creating a lot of Backlinks on a variety of platforms. It is the most commonly known automatic battling created in software. There are discounts available for it too, so check them before buying. It has a dedicated thread on almost all Internet marketing forums.

SerpBook rank checker tool

Don’t want to check you rankings again and again? Then you need SerpBook. SerpBook is a web-based automatic ranked in software that makes rank checking pretty easy. It has a really nice interface and is quite accurate in rank checking.

A good Internet connection


Good Internet connection is obvious because there will be many tasks like backing up websites, download YouTube tutorials and other things that you will need to do in SEO.

Good quality VPS

VPS is not completely necessary, but it’s quite good if you have it. There are various companies providing genuine quality VPS at cheap rates. Check out the reviews before buying them.

VPS makes running automatic programs like GSA or any other automater, completely on autopilot.

Microsoft Word

Most of you already have Microsoft Word but for those who haven’t used it before, please install it. Writing articles without Microsoft Word is a pain in the Ass.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is quite necessary for the records of your hosting, backlinks, rankings et cetera. So make sure you use the complete power of Excel to make your tasks easier and cleanly separated.


So that was my list! You have any other programs that you like or want to add to this list? Write a comment below if that is the case. We will be watching for your replies. You can also contact us via our contact us page.

Four common mistakes that you must never do in SEO – Complete checklist

Many people have told you how to rank your website, how to make backlinks and how to create good quality posts that can become viral. In this post, I’m not going to talk about what are the do’s and don ts of SEO but rather will share my personal checklist of things that you should never do while ranking your website.

I will also share about the consequences of doing these things so that you can understand and correct if you are in such a position.

Creating thin content

Problem: this is an on-site penalty that can be triggered by the usage of spun articles or article is lower than 400 words. This penalty can threaten sites with many low-quality articles.

Solution: write good content and use other methods of churning out a large amount of content like Speech to text software.

Using the same anchor text

Problem: this penalty of course when back links are created using the same anchor text again and again. Your website will be ranked even after your backlinks if this penalty hits you.

Solution: create more backlinks with branded and naked anchor text.

Creating too many low-quality Backlinks

Problem: Low-quality dealer backlinks can be good, but if you have only low-quality Backlinks then you could be in trouble. Your site could be deindexed on doing such things.

Solution: create a new website, and don’t to such thing again.

Buying old penalized domain

Problem: If you have not checked and all domain that you have bought from someone, then you could be suffering from such penalty.

Solution: create a Webmasters account on Google and ask them for revaluation.


If you have experienced any other penalty, or, want a solution for that. Tell us about it! You can write an email to us or contact us via the contact page of this website.