How to do proper SEO for Conservative sites

Do you want to do proper seo for of your website? Or do you want your blog to rank higher on search engines? In both cases, you need to learn how to do search engine optimization properly. In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how you can do it properly without wasting too many resources. There are two methods of doing proper search engine optimization the first one, is doing it by yourself – which is quite harder and takes time to learn but eventually helps in mastering the process and outsourcing it in a better way. The 2nd one is usually buying services from websites and forums thinking that they will rank your website/blog without actually understanding what they are doing.

Let’s talk about the 1st one first. To learn SEO correctly, you need to have some tools and information with you. First, let’s talk about the tools. I will categorize the tools in respective categories depending on their use.

Keyword research tools

There are many tools that can be categorized as keyword research tools, but they can work as an all in one SEO tool too. The main in this category would be market Samurai, Traffic Travis Professional, long tail Pro and SEO Scout.

Note: There are discounts available for all these software. You can use them to reduce your costs.

Content creation tools

If you have problems in creating a lot of articles, like most of us have, then you need to have some content creation or spinning tools which can help you in creating content for your tier 1 and tier 2 links.

Depending on the use, there are many tools that can create good content for your needs. The most well-rated one is wordai, but it’s quite pricey. Some other tools could be spin rewriter and the best spinner, but most of them do not provide decent quality articles for tier 1 links.

Backlink building tools

These tools help in creating backlinks faster and also improve the accuracy of doing so. Although it is recommended to create your tier one, manually many still use automatic software’s to get their work done. One of the best Automatic backlinks creators in the market is still GSA search engine ranker. There are other tools like UltimateDemon, FCS Networker, auto fill magic that do certain tasks but do not complete the whole process. These tools could be used to semi-automate the process if you want to handle the process more accurately rather than just blasting links by GSA.

Okay, so these were the tools that you can use, and you will have to buy them either one-time fee or monthly fee, to use them.

Outsourcing things

You can outsource things like Backlink building, keyword search and various other things from various providers at Internet marketing forums like BlackHatWorld, wickedfire, WarriorForum et cetera. Everything that you can do, the outsourcer can do it much faster, but you will need to understand how it is done to find out which outsourcer is doing the best work. Until you don’t understand how the process works, you will not be able to find good services that serve your purpose.

Adding them all up

Whether you create Back Links by yourself or outsource them to services on Internet marketing forums or fiverr like websites, the process will be same. You will need to create content and seo optimize it properly so that it can start ranking in between 1-100. Then slowly start creating backlinks using either services or automatic tools. Just don’t stop and create more and more backlinks until you rank.

So that was simple isn’t it? If you find any problems regarding this, you can comment below.

Start now and make us aware of your progress!

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